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Preference is normally given to these areas:

Eltham, Rosanna, Preston, Thornbury, Northcote, Brunswick, Essendon, Flemington, Carlton, Fitzroy, Abbotsford, Kew, North Balwyn, Doncaster, Mitcham, Heathmont, Ringwood

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* Best Value in Melbourne

* Even Better Value in Melbourne N/E Suburbs


Quality Fresh Worms and much cheaper than Major Retail Stores

Now 35% less than the cheapest retail product.



*Special Until 10th January*

250 gm Starter Pack


           $34 (That's 30% less than retail)   


Deliver Options & Costs

- Home Delivery

  North, North/East & Eastern Suburbs Only

                          $2 to $8    depending on location

  Eltham Deliveries Free Anyday


- By Post

Melbourne Suburbs Only

                          Regular Post $10

                          Express Post $14


Important Advice:

When Buying Worms

1. Ask the weight of worms in the pack - the number of worms can be misleading.                                    (further explanation below)

2. Ask how long the worms have been packed - fresher is better.

3. Buy from someone who knows about worms and you Know and Trust and you can Talk To directly.


We sell by weight with a generous excess - the only way you can be sure of honest value.

And at Eltham Worms you will deal directly with an experienced worm farmer - not an anonymous franchise or shopping cart.

At Eltham Worms you will always get fresh compost worms and generous quantity direct from the breeder with a replacement or refund guarantee. 



- Worms supplied Direct from the breeder

- No middle man

- No franchise

- Cost efficient local "micro" business



There are good and bad (ethical and unethical) worm sellers.

You can pay too much for too little because you can't see what you are getting and worm quantities are not easy for buyers to understand.



Would you buy grapes by the number ? No ! Why not ?

The answer is obvious because we are all familiar with grapes - the value you would be getting would depend entirely on the size of the grapes.  Well the same reasoning goes for worms.

Many retailers now specify the number of worms but don't mention the weight.  1000 large compost worms just happens to weigh approximately 250gm - but if they are small they could weigh 50gm or less.

You really need to know the weight of worms you are buying to know the value you are getting.

When you buy by weight, the smaller the worms the more you get.

When you buy by number, the smaller the worms the less value you get.


At Eltham Worms we are committed to:

-    spreading the word on the benefits of composting and worm farming

-    sharing techniques that can help you toward more success and satisfaction 


We do this by:

    -    freely giving advice by phone and email

-     producing printed “Help Sheets”  (see next  page)

-     giving presentations, demonstrations and workshops on composting  and worm farming on request


Contact Michael  on  Mob 0419 310 003

email: elthamworms@yahoo.com